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Title Date Description
Real Deal 1 - Start a podcast in an hour 04/18/06 A handful of easy steps to get you started podcasting in an hour. Also, do you pay for shareware?
Real Deal 2 - Maker Faire 04/25/06 Tom Merritt and Rafe Needleman discuss the cool do-it-yourself projects from Maker Faire 2006.
Real Deal 3 - How to Blog 05/02/06 Tom Merritt talks about how to get started blogging.
Real Deal 4 - IPTV 05/09/06 What is IPTV? Where do I find it? And why should I care?
Real Deal 5 - Satellite TV rights 05/16/06 We discuss your right to have a satellite dish installed in your home or apartment.
Real Deal 6 - Choose a laptop 05/23/06 Molly Wood joins Tom to talk about how to pick the right laptop.
Real Deal 7 - Warranties 05/30/06 Should you pay for an extended warranty? We'll help you decide.
Real Deal 8 - Hybrid Cars 06/02/06 Brian Cooley joins Tom Merritt to discuss hybrid cars, their advantages and disadvantages, and why you might want one.
Real Deal 9 - 1980s computer emulators 06/13/06 Tom runs through a few fun ways to emulate old computers on your PC.
Real Deal 10 - HDTV 06/20/06 What HDTV is, what it means and which one you should buy.
Real Deal 11 - Net neutrality 06/27/06 Declan McCullagh joins the show to talk about the facts behind the net neutrality and tiered Internet debates.
Real Deal 12 - Non-DRM MP3s 07/11/06 Want to get MP3s without the DRM restrictions? Tom and Veronica show you how to do it without breaking the law.
Real Deal 13 - Choose an ISP 07/18/06 Tom discusses what to look for when choosing a new Internet Service Provider.
Real Deal 14 - BitTorrent 07/25/06 What is BitTorrent, how does it work, and how do I use it?
Real Deal 15 - Register a Website 08/01/06 Tom walks you through registering a domain name and touches on finding a web host.
Real Deal 16 - Online shopping 08/08/06 Dan Miller joins Tom Merritt to discuss the safety of online shopping
Real Deal 17 - Unlocked cell phones 08/15/06 What is an unlocked phone? How can you get one, and how do you activate it? Why would you want an unlocked phone? Are they good for international travel?
Real Deal 18 - Laptop batteries 08/15/06 With so many tales of exploding batteries, and real recalls, do you need to worry? Tom delves into the world of Lithium Ion batteries and explains the risks and tips for keeping your batteries safe.
Real Deal 19 - Ubuntu 08/22/06 Tom gives a very general overview of the Ubuntu distribution of Linux and how it works.
Real Deal 20 - RSS 08/29/06 Tom and Rafe explain what RSS is, a little bit about how it works, and make some recommendations of their favorite RSS readers.
Real Deal 21 - Bluetooth 09/05/06 Tom talks about what Bluetooth is, how it works , and what you can use it for.
Real Deal 22 - WiMAX 09/12/06 Can WiMAX bring hig speed wireless Internet into your home for cheap?
Real Deal 23 - HTML 09/26/06 Get up to speed on the basics of HTML,some good software for making Web pages and places to learn more.
Real Deal 24 - DRM 10/03/06 Tom Merritt talks with Cory Doctorow about digital rights management, also known as DRM.
Real Deal 25 - Online Apps 10/09/06 Rafe Needleman joins Tom to talk about online apps. They get a few minutes in before the use the term Web 2.0. Not bad.
Real Deal 26 - Phishing 10/10/06 A bonus episode this week where Tom gives some tips to avoid phishing scams.
Real Deal 27 - Portable Apps 10/17/06 Tom tells you how you can take your favorite software programs with you without lugging around your computer.
Real Deal 28 - Online Gaming 10/24/06 Veronica joins Tom to talk online gaming, inlcuding MUDs, MMORPGs, and the current craze of World of Warcraft.
Real Deal 29 - Online Storage 10/31/06 Why you would need to store files online, and where to find the best places to store them.
Real Deal 30 - HD Radio 11/07/06 CNET's resident radio expert, Brian Cooley, joins Tom to explain what HD radio is and how it differs from regular radio.
Real Deal 31 - Free Software 11/14/06 Some software is free as in beer, and some is free as in speech and some isn't free at all. Tom Merritt explains the difference and also gives a tip of the hat to a few of his favorite free pieces of software.
Real Deal 32 - Rebates 11/21/06 Tom Merritt gives the straight scoop on how rebates work and what to look for when you're shopping.
Real Deal 33 - AJAX 11/28/06 Tom Merritt explains the ins and outs of the programming technique called AJAX. It powers the wonderful world of Web 2.0.
Real Deal 34 - Antivirus 12/05/06 Robert Vamosi joins the podcast to talk about the best way to protect your computer from viruses. What are some of the best antivirus programs out there?
Real Deal 35 - Game Consoles 12/12/06 Tom Merritt runs down the specs on the three next generation game consoles and helps you decide which one's right for you.
Real Deal 36 - Top 5 topics of 2006 12/19/06 Tom Merritt reviews the top 5 most popular tech topics of 2006 as determined by listeners to the Real Deal podcast.
Real Deal 37 - Top 5 topics for 2007 12/20/06 Tom Merritt previews the top 5 tech topics you'd like him to cover in 2007. These topics were determined based on listener feedback.
Real Deal 38 - Home Networking 01/02/07 Tom Merritt discusses the ins and outs of wiring a new house for an Internet connection.
Real Deal 39 - CES 01/08/07 Jason Oxman from the Conusmer Electronics Association talks about how they pull off the biggest trade show on the continent, and what it takes to get inside CES.
Real Deal 40 - CES Gadgets 01/16/07 Tom Merritt reviews some of his favorite gadgets from CES. He also dishes out some of the inside scoop on how the gadget press mill works at the largest electronics show on Earth.
Real Deal 41 - Wi-Fi security 01/23/07 Robert Vamosi joins Tom Merritt to talk about the proper ways to secure your Wi-Fi router in your home. They also discuss safety precautions to use when surfing over Wi-Fi in public.
Real Deal 42 - Windows Vista 01/30/07 The new version of Windows is here. Should you get Windows Vista? Tom Merritt runs through some of the new features as well as his experience with Vista and advice on whether to upgrade.
Real Deal 43 - Demo 02/02/07 Rafe Needleman reports on the latest product pitches from the Demo 2007 conference in Arizona.
Real Deal 44 - Digital Cameras 02/06/07 Digital cameras can be hard to understand. Don't know your ISO settings from your RAW image format? Lori Grunin helps Tom understand how digital cameras work.
Real Deal 45 - CSS 02/13/07 A little primer on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). What it is, what it does, and how to use it.
Real Deal 46 - Video codecs 02/20/07 Why are videos so frustrating? One of the reasons is codecs. There are lots and lots of codecs out there. Tom and Justin attempt to explain why that is, how codecs work, and ho to navigate the confusing world of video.
Real Deal 47 - CableCARD 02/27/07 Did you know you can get a small PC card that allows you to get digital cable in any device? It's CableCARD. And if only it was as easy as I just made it sound.
Real Deal 48 - OEM 03/06/07 Want cheap software? If you're willing to do without a few niceties like tech support, OEM can save you big bucks.
Real Deal 49 - Web video 03/07/07 Tom discusses how he gets web video on his living room TV, and reveals some of his favorite sources.
Real Deal 50 - Refurbished electronics 03/20/07 Refurbished electronics sell for cheaper than brand new items, and usually are identical. So what's the catch? Tom Merritt tells you hot to safely negotiate the world of refurbished tech gadgets and reap the savings.
Real Deal 51 - Media Centers 03/27/07 A media center isn't just a program from Windows. Oh no! Find out what a good media center does and what all your options are.
Real Deal 52 - Apple TV 04/03/07 So what's all this hooplah about the Apple TV? And did you know there are other devices that do the same thing?
Real Deal 53 - Game emulators 04/10/07 You can play games from Pong, to Atari to Nintendo, all on your current PC. Tom Merritt talks game emulators.
Real Deal 54 - VoIP 04/17/07 Find out what VoIP is, how it works, and whether you should trade in your landline for Internet telephony.
Real Deal 55 - SATA hard drives 04/24/07 Wondering what all the fuss about SATA drives is? We'll unravel the mystery.
Real Deal 56 - Instant Messengers 05/01/07 We deal with all the instant messenger protocols and review some of the best multi-protocol clients.
Real Deal 57 - Twitter 05/08/07 Twitter has taken the Web world by storm. Why is it so hot? What is it? We'll get you up to speed on miniblogging in this episode.
Real Deal 58 - Silverlight 05/15/07 Microsoft's got a new competitor to Flash, but it's much more than that, and much different. Find out why.
Real Deal 59 - Lifecasting 05/22/07 We'll tell you how to put your whole life online, video, audio, and text. But will you want to? We'll tell you that too.
Real Deal 60 - Internet2 05/29/07 Think you'll be using the next Internet? Think again. Tom explains what Internet2 is and how it differs from Abilene, National Lambda Rail and the Internet you use.
Real Deal 61 - Blogging ethics 06/04/07 Questions over the rights and responsibilities of bloggers are coming more and more frequently. As a blogger, what are your boundaries, and how do you learn journalistic ethics?
Real Deal 62 - Wireless Networking: Beyond WiFi 06/12/07 Don't know your HSDPA from your EV-DO? Want to just get data over the air wherever you go? Tom and Rafe can help you understand it all.
Real Deal 63 - GPS 06/19/07 Get the scoop on how to find yourself. We discuss the tech behind GPS devices and give you some advice when shopping for a GPS device.
Real Deal 64 - Online photo and storage 06/26/07 Rafe and Tom discuss different places on the Web to store and to share your digital photos.
Real Deal 65 - iPhone 07/03/07 So now that we actually got to use one, what's the real deal with the iPhone?
Real Deal 66 - Microsoft Office replacements 07/10/07 Why spend hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Office when you can get the same functionality for free? We go over web-based and software office suites and the advantages and disadvantages to replacing Microsoft.
Real Deal 67 - Free Games 07/17/07 Free games pretty much litter the Internet. You can play free games online or download them. Some our open source and some are not. Find out the ins and outs and some of our favorite places to find free games.
Real Deal 68 - Twitter Alternatives 07/24/07 The miniblog, short message, nanoblog sensation continues, rocketed to popularity by Twitter. Other services like Pownce and Jaiku are popping up as well. So what's it all about?
Real Deal 69 - Be your own IT department 07/31/07 If you know anything about computers you're likely to have to provide tech support for friends and family. Here's some tips and tools to help you help others.
Real Deal 70 - Digital TV Transition 08/07/07 The US analog TV signal will be shut down on Feb. 17, 2009. What will yo do? Will your TV still work? We'll tell you.
Real Deal 71 - Wireless Headphones 08/14/07 Senior editor Donald Bell joins me to discuss wireless headphones. How do they work and which ones are best?
Real Deal 72 - Software for a new PC 08/21/07 Got a new PC? We tell you all the software you need to get to make it nice and comfy to use right from the start.
Real Deal 73 - Social network overload 08/28/07 With all the Facebooks and Twitters and Last.FMs, it's hard to keep up with all your socializing options. We'll help you cut through the clutter of the Web 2.0 whirlwind.
Real Deal 74 - Keep Two PCs in Sync 09/04/07 In this episode we're going to discuss how to live with two PCs, and keep the data on them in sync.
Real Deal 75 - Home Automation 09/11/07 Whether you want to make the home of the future, or just spy on the cat, we'll introduce you to the wonders of X10, Insteon, Zwave and more.
The Real Deal 76 - Network Storage 09/19/07 From RAID, to NAS, to Smoothwall we cover your network storage options and bring a few tips from the audience as well.
Real Deal 77 - Hack the iPhone 09/25/07 We discuss how to get third-party apps on your iPhone and how to unlock it. Plus a short discussion of the legal implications.
Real Deal 78 - Hybrid cars 10/02/07 Rafe and Tom get deep into the world of hybrid cars to help you decide if you want one.
Real Deal 79 - Social bookmarking 10/09/07 From to Digg, we'll cover the new trends in online bookmarking and sharing.
Real Deal 80 - Wikis 10/16/07 What's a wiki and what do you use it for? We'll tell you that and how to set one up too.
Real Deal 81 - Game consoles vs. PCs 10/23/07 Let the gaming war begin. Which is right for you? A game console ora PC? Maybe both? Find out!
Real Deal 82 - Online music 10/30/07 From streaming to subscribing to downloading, we cover the best ways to get your music from the Internet.
Real Deal 83 - Online Finances 11/06/07 In this episode, Rafe discusses new products and services for personal money management.
Real Deal 84 - Geek TV 11/13/07 What makes a TV show geeky, and what are the best geek TV shows.
Real Deal 85 - Specialty information sources 11/20/07 Google, or a search engine of any kind, isn't always the best way to find information. We'll introduce you to some of our favorite specialised information sources.
Real Deal 86 - eBooks 11/27/07 Can eBooks replace paper books? We look at the Amazon Kindle and Sony eReader as examples, and discuss what has kept paper on top.
Real Deal 87 - Email 12/04/07 From Pop3 to IMAP to web-based, we talk about the kinds of email clients and how email is used.
Real Deal 88 - Reviews 12/11/07 How do tech product reviews happen? What are the pressures? How can you trust what reviewers write?
Real Deal 89 - Real Deal Awards 12/18/07 Tom and Rafe award the FUDdies to those who fought the best or spread the worst fear uncertainty anddoubt in 2007.
Real Deal 90 - Fantasy Real Deal 12/20/07 Tom and Rafe get futuristic and talk about topics they'd love to cover someday on the podcast.
Real Deal 91 - Zombies 12/18/07 From the Epic ofGilgamesh, to Haiti, to George Romero, we talk the history of Zombies and how to defend yourself against them.
The Real Deal 92 - Wikia Search 01/07/08 So how does a Wiki search engine work, and will you use it? We tackle both topics.
The Real Deal 93 - Road Test 01/15/08 Rafe and Tom talk about the live blogging of the Steve Jobs keynotes, how to use multiple monitors, review the Kindle, flying Virgin America, and using wirelss while traveling.
The Real Deal 94 - Myth of the megapixel 01/22/08 Rafe shares why more megapixels isn't always better. Find out how to determine what you need in a new camera.
The Real Deal 95 - Bandwidth 01/29/08 All about throughput, chanel capacity, bit rate and other misunderstood terms. Plus a small bit on migrating data to a new laptop.
The Real Deal 96 - Road Test 02/05/08 Tom and Rafe discuss Windows Home Server, moving from a ThinkPad to a MacBook Pro running Windows and get a listener tip about the DirecTV DVR.
The Real Deal 97 - OpenID 02/12/08 Wouldn't it be great to have a single sign-on for all websites? One password to be stolen? Oh wait? would it be great or not?
The Real Deal 98 - Online TV and Movies 02/19/08 We discuss all our favorite places to find TV shows and movies and some of your favorites too.
The Real Deal 99 - Road test 02/26/08 Tom Merritt and Rafe Needleman talk about living with the Apple TV, Pleo, Chumy, Amazon Kindle, Logitech Harmony and more.
The Real Deal 100 - Windows on a Mac 03/04/08 Tom Merritt runs through the basics of running Windows on a Mac, both from Boot camp and using virtualization.
The Real Deal 101 - Personal Carbon Offsets 03/12/08 Get green! Rafe Needleman talks with Andrew Beebe, president of Energy Innovations, about personal carbon credit trading.
The Real Deal 102 - Travel tech road test 03/18/08 Tom and Rafe discuss essential websites, gadgets, and other tech tips for traveling.
The Real Deal 103 - Botnets 03/25/08 Dr. Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks joins Tom and Rafe to discuss the ins and outs of botnets.
The Real Deal 104 - Solid State Drives 04/01/08 Tom and Rafe talk about solid state drives with Lenovo's Matthew Kohut. Find out how long a solid state drive can last. It's less than a decade.
The Real Deal 105: Digital TV transition 04/08/08 Tom and Rafe discuss the Feb. 17, 2009 end of analog TV broadcasts in the United States. Get the facts and spread the word.
The Real Deal 106: Copyright 04/15/08 Colette Vogele of the Rules for the Revolution podcast joins Tom and Rafe to talk about what you can and can't do online, and how to protect your digital content.
The Real Deal 107: Webware 100 04/22/08 We review some of the winners of the Webware 100 and talk about some of our favorite sites and apps.
The Real Deal 108: Cloud computing 04/29/08 What is this cloud computing buzzword-mongers are buzzing about? How does it work? Will it replace regular old software?
The Real Deal 109: Video Toolkit 05/06/08 Tom and Rafe share their favorite ways to shoot, edit, convert, and post videos.
The Real Deal 110: Vista Road Test 05/13/08 Rafe talks about the Windows Vista machine he built from scratch. Then Tom and Rafe both talk about their varying experiences with Vista.
The Real Deal 111: Geolocation 05/20/08 Rafe and Tom talk about the new apps and services that use geolocation. They help you find people and help people find you. But is that a good thing? 
The Real Deal 112: Virtualization 05/27/08 Tom describes what virtualization is, and what his experiences with it have been. 
The Real Deal 113: Firefox 06/04/08 Rafe and Tom talk Firefox. Find out about the forthcoming new release, some of the best plugins, and whether Firefox is still truly cool or not. 
The Real Deal 114: Macs 06/11/08 Tom and Rafe talk about Mobile Me from Apple, a bit about Snow Leopard,a.k.a. OS X 10.6, and of course they touch ont he iPhone too. 
The Real Deal 115: Road Test 06/17/08 Tom and Rafe discuss the tech they've been using, like VoP, Warcraft and Plurk. 
The Real Deal 116: Inbox Zero 06/24/08 Merlin Mann joins the show to talk about how to deal with email overload.
The Real Deal 117 - Video Streamers 06/30/08 We'll talk through all the different ways to get video off the Internet and on to your TV. 
The Real Deal 118: Internet personalities 07/08/08 Revision3's Martin Sargent sits down to talk about what makes someone Internet famous and what that fame actually means.
The Real Deal 119: Travel resources 07/15/08 Tom and Rafe share some of the best websites and web resources for planning, booking, and enjoying your holiday. 
The Real Deal 120: Car Tech 07/22/08 Tom and Rafe welcome Wayne Cunningham to talk about the kind of tech you take into your car. 
The Real Deal 121: Search 07/29/08 Tom and Rafe discuss how search engines came about, a little bit about how they work, and what different methods are on the horizon. 
The Real Deal 122: Road Test 08/05/08 Tom and Rafe talk about their experiences living without Google search, installing CableCard in TiVo HD, buying headphones for the iPhone, using iPhone email, and more. 
The Real Deal 123: Encryption 08/12/08 Tom and Rafe give the basics on encryption and examples of how to use it in the real world. 
The Real Deal 124: Olympic video 08/19/08 Tom and Rafe talk about how the Olympics was delivered online, what this means for online video, and how it can be done better. 
The Real Deal 125: Passwords 08/26/08 Rafe and Tom discuss what makes a secure password and how to manage passwords securely.
The Real Deal 126: Science Fiction 09/02/08 Tom talks with Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jachan about science fiction tech, shooting science fiction on video, and whether Batman is really SciFi. 
The Real Deal 127: TV online 09/09/08 Get free or reasonably priced major network TV shows online. 
The Real Deal 128: Chrome 09/16/08 Rafe tackles the good and the bad of Google's hot, new Web browser, as well as the real-world ramifications it will have on all of us. 
The Real Deal 129: Bandwidth caps 09/23/08 What are bandwidth caps and how do you deal with them? Seth Rosenblatt from joins us to discuss. 
The Real Deal 130: Road Test 09/30/08 Tom and Rafe talk about top Web applications, routers, home servers, vacation tech and more.
The Real Deal 131: Syndication overload 10/07/08 Tom and Rafe discuss ways to deal with the overload of blogs, miniblogs, social networks and more.
The Real Deal 132: Gadget inventory 10/14/08 Tom and Rafe discuss the gadgets they own, what they use them for, or in the case of the really old stuff, why they keep them.
The Real Deal 133: Gadget disposal 10/21/08
The Real Deal 134: Free versus paid software 10/28/08 Free software is always better right? Not always. We'll help you decide when it's right to pay and give you some of our favorite free and open-source software picks.
The Real Deal 135: Retro software 11/04/08 Tom and Rafe take a trip down memory lane, describing older, defunct software they used to love...and hate. 
The Real Deal 136: Podcasting 11/11/08 Tom and Rafe talk about how to get podcasts, when we listen to them, and recommend some of our favorites. Tom sucks because he forgot to mention Amateur Traveler and Coverville. 
The Real Deal 137: Put Web video on your TV 11/18/08 Rafe and Tom talk about all the myriad ways of putting Web video on your living room TV.
The Real Deal 138: Getting the most value from your tech dollar 11/25/08 Rafe Needleman discusses the many ways to maximize the value of your tech dollar.
The Real Deal 139: Favorite Tech of 2008 12/10/08 Tom and Rafe name their favorite technology of 2008 and pass along some faves of the listeners as well.
The Real Deal 140: Web comics 12/18/08 Scott Johnson from ExtraLife drops by to chat about Web comics.
The Real Deal 141: Year in review 12/30/08 As the year wraps up, I decided to sit down at the mic and look over all the topics we covered in 2008. I'll review why they were important, and in a few cases update with new info.
The Real Deal 142: Switching to Mac 01/07/09 Rafe and I have both switched from Windows to Mac. Here's what we found. 
The Real Deal 143: CES Trends 01/09/09 What are the big trends at CES and what's the possibility that we'll actually see them affect our lives.
The Real Deal 144: Netbooks 01/14/09 Tom and Rafe talk about what netbooks are and how best to put them to use.
The Real Deal 145: Windows 7 01/20/09 We discuss the ins and outs of Windows 7 and share some tips and tricks. 
The Real Deal 146: The file frontier--home media management 01/27/09 How do you share, store, and manage all those photos, MP3s, videos, and other stuff? There's no perfect way, but we discuss some options.
What are your favorite shortcuts? 01/27/09
The Real Deal 147: Shortcuts 02/03/09 Tom and Rafe discuss some of their favorite software and keyboard shortcuts and share some from the listeners, as well.
Next Real Deal on Using a Mac and PC side-by-side 02/09/09 Both Rafe and I have a Mac laptop and a Thinkpad on our desk but we both use them in very different ways. If you are one of the happy few who also dual-use, then please make some comments below and we'll try to integrate them int o the show.
The Real Deal 148: Mac and PC side by side 02/10/09 If you use a Mac and a PC, we have some tips for making the combination smooth and in sync.
The Real Deal 149: Self-publishing 02/17/09 We welcome self-published author David Carnoy to talk about publishing a book yourself using print on demand as well as e-publishing.
The Real Deal 150: Road Test 02/25/09 We talk about the Kindle 2.0, Windows Home Server with a Mac, JungleDisk as a backup solution, an Addonics dongle for NAS, and the SBS 400 Flash.
The Real Deal 151: Demo 03/04/09 Rafe reports back on some of his favorite products from the Demo conference. Plus we cover a few more options for backing up your data.
The Real Deal 152: Intermediate Twitter 03/10/09 Rafe and Tom tell Twitter users how to get the most out of their Twitter accounts. Don't know what RT, OH, or even @ means? You need to listen to this episode of The Real Deal.
The Real Deal 153: Mac software 03/17/09 Tom and Rafe talk about some of their favorite applications and utilities for the Mac.
The Real Deal 154: Your questions 03/24/09 Tom Merritt and Rafe Needleman answer viewer questions about time management, Thunderbird, and batteries.
The Real Deal 155: Smartphone Apps 03/31/09 Viewers submitted their favorite apps for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, and iPhone.
The Real Deal 156: dSLR specs 04/07/09 Stephen Shankland drops by to talk about the specs you should look for when buying a dSLR camera
The Real Deal 157: Multilocation computing 04/14/09 Rafe and Tom talk about how to keep your data accessible no matter where you are; Syncing, remote access, and so on.
The Real Deal 158: To-do lists 04/21/09 What do you use to track your to-do lists? We give you some of our and our listener's favorites.
The Real Deal 159: Buy and sell domain names 04/29/09 We go through the methods and pitfalls of buying, selling, and registering domain names.
The Real Deal 160: Twitter clients 05/05/09 The best downloadable applications for accessing Twitter's social network.
The Real Deal 161: Road (and air) test 05/12/09 Tom talks about the Kindle, Internet, and Web sites while traveling. Rafe rants about WHS, talks nice about Apple, and is moderately pleased with Pogoplug.
The Real Deal 162: Cult of the Flip 05/19/09 Rafe and Tom explore just why those mini Flip type cameras are so popular and whether you should use one.
The Real Deal 163: All-questions episode 05/26/09 Tom and Rafe answer questions about networking, e-mail clients, and breaking into online video.
The Real Deal 164: Chrome vs. Firefox 06/02/09 Tom and Rafe square off on whether Chrome or Firefox is best for your browsing.
The Real Deal 165: Road Test 06/10/09 We talk about the tech we've been using for years, like the Palm Pilot, Panasonic HDTV, and the Kindle
The Real Deal 166: Phone communications 06/16/09 We cover why you would or would not want to keep your landline and what the best and newest technologies are for telephony over the Internet.
The Real Deal 167: All-questions 06/25/09 We spend all episode answering your questions, from how to pick an iPhone, to how to blog on the go.
The Real Deal 168: Smartphones 07/02/09 We tell you everything you need to know about smartphones and answer questions about Windows 7 and more.
The Real Deal 169: Travel tech tips 07/09/09 Rafe and Tom share some essential things to know before you take your tech traveling abroad.
The Real Deal 170: Road test 07/16/09 Brian and Tom take live calls during the recording of The Real Deal as well discuss their road testing of TVs, phones and monitors.
Real Deal 171: All-questions, phones, Google Chrome, and more 07/23/09 Tom and Brian take live calls and answer e-mail questions about cell phone plans, wireless reception, and Google Chrome issues.
The Real Deal 172: Computer repair 07/30/09 Rafe Needleman and Tom Merritt talk tips for fixing your own computers, as well as take live calls from the audience.
The Real Deal 173: Road Test - Navigation 08/06/09 Rafe and Tom talk navigation issues, take calls on the Verizon MiFi, and solve some pesky computer problems.
The Real Deal 174: Virtualization 08/13/09 Rafe and Tom explain what virtualization is and how it works, plus they take your calls and questions on Windows installations, virtualizing Android, and more.
The Real Deal 175: All-questions show 08/20/09 Rafe and Tom answer tech questions about getting Microsoft software for cheap, the security of bank apps and more.
The Real Deal 176: Fiber versus copper 08/27/09 John Cioffi joins the show to explain the difference between fiber optic cable and copper cable. Find out what you should know and why you should care.
The Real Deal 177: Home security cameras 09/03/09 Rafe Needleman and Brian Cooley (a.k.a. the Cat Master) discuss the best hardware and software for monitoring your home when you're not there. Plus, your questions answered!
The Real Deal 178: Macs 09/10/09 Tom and Rafe discuss what they love and hate about Apple computers.
The Real Deal 179: Gadget road test 09/17/09 Rafe and Tom talk about the long-term use of gadgets like TiVo, the MiFi, and more. We even get a road test report on FreeNAS from Dave the psychologist!
The Real Deal 180: Monitors 09/24/09 Rafe Needleman and Brian Cooley talk monitor tech and advice with special guest Eric Franklin from CNET Labs.
The Real Deal 181: Steve Jobs 10/01/09 Carmine Gallo joins the show to unveil some of the Steve Jobs secrets from his book The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
The Real Deal 182: All questions episode 10/08/09 Tom and Rafe take questions about Windows 7, MacBook Pro, SD cards, and more.
The Real Deal 183: All about Windows 7 10/15/09 CNET's Seth Rosenblatt joins the Real Deal to answer all your questions about Windows 7 so you can be prepared for October 22.
The Real Deal 184: Who should own the Internet 10/22/09 Chris Mitchell from joins us to discuss Net Neutrality and who should own the pipes.
The Real Deal 185: Road test: Windows 7 10/29/09 Tom and Rafe discuss life with Windows 7, Entourage, Seagate hard drives, Ubuntu and more.
The Real Deal 186: Essential software for a new PC (or Mac) 11/05/09 Tom and Rafe discuss the apps they put on first thing when they get a new computer.
The Real Deal 187: Should you buy that warranty? 11/12/09 Should you buy that extended warranty? Tom Merritt says no. Rafe Needleman says sometimes. We'll give you some guidance on how to decide if it's worth the money.
The Real Deal 188: Tech Turkeys 11/19/09 Tom and Brian name the tech they think was a turkey in 2009 and get a few turkeys from listners of the show as well.
Real Deal Podcast 189: Road Test 12/03/09 Tom and Rafe talk about the gadgets they've been using, like Windows Home Server, a Canon printer, and the PS3 as a Blu-ray player.
Real Deal Podcast 190: Online TV and movies 12/10/09 J. Sperling Reich from Showbiz Sandbox joins us to explain why the TV and movies online are restricted the way they are.
Real Deal Podcast 191: Best tech of the decade 12/17/09 Tom and Rafe review what they feel were the biggest and best tech products and advancements of the decade.